Black Sea Ferry Service is key element of port and logistic infrastructure in trading relations between Turkey and Russia.

Key feature:
  • 3-5 days supply instead of existing 7-10 days.

  • No re-loading in transit ports.

  • 24/7 product’s condition monitoring.

  • Door-to-door format (D2D).

Our solution allows you:
  • to reduce waste of time for cargo handling and transport in ports and on the route;

  • to reduce total amount of losses of highly perishable products during transportation;

  • to expand range of supplying products;

  • to decrease turnover’s cycle of funds and transport;

  • to reduce the total mileage of freight transport.

Modern infrastructure as part of goods’ supply by road ferries via RO-PAX CARGO class based on regular schedule only allows:

  • to make door-to-door format supplies (D2D);

  • to eliminate any intermediary links from logistic supplying chain between consignee and consigner;

  • to expand range of supplying products and open new opportunities in B2B relations;

  • to monitor temperature conditions of products during transportation 24/7;

  • plan cargo flows with high accuracy and optimize storage costs.

Logistic companies:
  • to have only up to date information of departure-arrive ferries schedule;

  • to have only up to date information about free cargo places and passengers’ seats;

  • to book cargo places and passengers’ seats with guarantee and firm confirmation.

RO-PAX CARGO multimodal transportation provides following opportunity:

  • to optimize all necessary procedures passes related to foreign trade activities;

  • to eliminate all unnecessary intermediary links and imposed services;

  • to use modern banking solutions and transactions’ methods;

  • to get opportunity of “full cycle finance”: from beginning of production to sales to end-user;

  • to decrease expendures, increase margin and planning term;

  • to develop high quality relations with customers / suppliers.

  • to use possibilities of system analysis and planning to develop modern highly effective business.

Centrosoyuz of the Russian Federation and NCUT’s support, effective interaction with the state authorities of our countries simplifies business processes, reduces administrative pressure on trade relations’ participants and opens wide opportunities for cooperation between Turkish and Russian companies